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Dr Britten's team interests lie in the separation, modification and characterization of proteins as well as in the study of their interactions in food systems. Their work is aimed at the development and optimal use of milk derived ingredients and milk by products. Dr Britten's team also studies the influence of transformation processes and food storage on the stability and bioavailability of nutrients in the gastro-intestinal environment.


Milk physico-chemistry Rheology protein Functional properties matrices alimentaire separation technology Antioxidants polyphenols omega-3.

Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada

Centre de recherche et de développement sur les aliments
Agriculture et Agroalimentaire Canada
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Impact of food matrices on digestion. A simple system of in vitro digestion was developed to study the degradation of cheese matrices in the gastro-intestinal environment and the bioavailability of fatty acids.

Omega-3 fatty acids oxidative stability. Various approaches were developed to limit the thermo- and photo-oxidation phenomenon in milk preparations enriched in omega-3 fatty acids. 

Separation of milk derived compounds. A series of projects were aimed at the use of membrane separation, centrifugal separation and ion exchange chromatography as tools for milk derived compound separation.

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  • Rémillard, N., & Britten, M. (2011). Quantitative determination of micellar calcium in milk and cheese using acid-base titration. Milchwissenschaft, 66(2), 137-140.
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  • Rabiey, L., & Britten, M. (2009). Effect of protein composition on the rheological properties of acid-induced whey protein gels. Food Hydrocolloids, 23(3), 973-979.
  • Ph.D., Food Science, Université Laval, 1988

  • B.Sc., Food Science, Université Laval, 1983