BAZINET, Laurent Full Professor

Researcher - Field 1

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Current Research Projects

Research interest


  • Application of electomembrane processes to complex food systems,
  • Physical Chemistry applied to food transformation,
  • Membranes/molecules interactions,
  • Membrane clogging phenomena,
  • Process engineering.

Research interests:

  • Electrochemical processes and their impact on bio-food compounds,
  • Development of novel and eco-design processes or production lines,
  • The use of pulsed electrical fields for the separation of molecules,
  • Pairing and optimization of processes.

Food processing and electromembrane processes laboratory


Physico-chemistry proteins peptides Green tea polyphenols colmatage membranes électrotechnologies éco-design processes separation molécules bioactives jus Organic acid lait

Université Laval

Département des sciences des aliments et de nutrition
Pavillon Paul-Comtois, bureau 1403
2425 rue de l'Agriculture
Université Laval
Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6
418-656-2131 extension : 407445
Fax : 418-656-3353

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Development of new processes:

  • Selective separation according to charge and size of bioactive molecules using membrane filtration electrodialysis. Patent PCT #000337.
  • Simultaneous enzymatic hydrolysis and seperation of peptides generated by electrodialytic reactor.
  • Production line for EGCG enriched green tea. Patent US # 7510736

Production of fractions or formulations with proven biological activities:

  • Protein enriched drink with an effect on glycemic response in vivo.
  • Peptide factions with in vitro anti cancer, anti oxidative and glucose trapping activities.


  • Bazinet, L.; Ippersiel, D.; Mahdavi, B. 2004. fractionation of whey protein by bipolar membrane electroacidification. Innovative Food Sciences and Emerging Technology. 5, 17-25.
  • Poulin, J.-F. ; Amiot, J. ; Bazinet, L. 2006. Simultaneous separation of acid and basic bioactive peptides by Electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membrane. Journal of Biotechnology, 123 (3), 314-328.
  • Casademont, C.; Pourcelly, G.; Bazinet, L. 2010. Bilayered self-oriented membrane fouling and impact of magnesium on CaCO3 formation during consecutive electrodialysis treatments. Langmuir, 26(2) : 854-859.
  • Doyen, A.; Beaulieu, L.; Saucier, L.; Pouliot, Y.; Bazinet, L. 2011. Demonstration of in vitro anticancer properties of peptide fractions from a snow crab by-products hydrolysate after separation by electrodialysis with ultrafiltration membranes. Separation and Purification Technology, 78 : 321- 329.
  • Langevin, M.-E.; Roblet, C.; Moresoli, C.; Ramassamy, C.; Bazinet, L. 2012. Comparative application of pressure- and electrically-driven membrane processes for isolation of bioactive peptides from soy protein hydrolysate. Journal of Membrane Science, In Press.
  • Ph.D., Food Science, Université Laval, 2000

  • M.Sc., Food Science, Université Laval, 1994

  • Agricultural Engineer Diploma, France, 1993