JACQUES, Hélène Full Professor

Researcher - Field 2

Associate member

Research Vice-dean, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science

Current Research Projets

Research interest


Dr. Jacques's research interests focus on:

  • Mechanisms of action of foods and nutrients, in particular of protein and fat, on insulin resistance and lipids metabolism;
  • Cod protein and prevention of insulin resistance in rats;
  • Clinical randomized trials on flax seed supplementation for menopaused women;
  • Lipidic response to modified milk fat consumption;
  • Effect of dietary protein-lipid interaction on lipidic metabolism;
  • Effect of animal protein on hypercholesterolemic subjects; 
  • Effects of the consumption of MCT oil-based supplements for subjects with family hyperchylomicronemy.


Diète composition corporelle gras alimentaires hormones plasmatiques humains lipides plasmatiques Food proteins rats Insulin resistance ultracentrifugation

Université Laval

École de nutrition
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2425, rue de l'Agriculture
Université Laval
Québec (Québec) G1V 0A6
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Fax : 418-656-3353
  • Postdoctorate, Biochemistry, University of Western, Ontario, 1987
  • Ph.D., Nutrition, Université Laval, 1986
  • M.Sc., Nutrition, Université Laval, 1983
  • B.Sc., Dietetics, Université Laval, 1979