Researchers Play Key Role in Pandemic Times


Source: Science Source

Expertise of researchers from the STELA Centre serves the dairy industry in this period of crisis related to the COVID-19.

As Canada's largest dairy science and technology research centre, STELA is frequently consulted in the dairy production and processing and nutrition sectors. In the actual COVID-19 alert context, the researcher and microbiologist Steve Labrie, was questioned about the sanitary measures to be put in place to protect workers in dairy processing plants, large and small, to ensure the quality of the food produced. Also, the researcher Julie Jean, specialist in virology, was consulted not only by the dairy sector, but also by the meat and plant sectors on cleaning products and procedures, recommended measures for infected personnel, studies and standards for antiviral products. Regardless of their size, businesses face equally important challenges when it comes to safe food supply and local sourcing.

Researchers are proud to contribute through science to support the artisans responsible for feeding Quebecers, and through their advice, to reassure businesses and guide them in maintaining their operations.  STELA could not provide this world-class leadership without the financial contribution of federal, provincial and local funds to the activities of the STELA Research Centre's researchers.

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