Researcher STELA's member, Doctor Laurent Bazinet and his team, honored at the Innovation Award ADRIQ Show (copy 1)

Last week the 31st Innovation Awards gala of the Association for the Development of Research and Innovation of Quebec (ADRIQ) took place. As part of this Gala, Docteur Laurent Bazinet and his team's project, which had been submitted by CRIBIQ, won the Innovation Prize in the Industrial Research Sectoral Groups category for our NSERC Chair project concerning the use of "Electromembrane processes to improve the eco-efficiency of bio-food production line”.

The innovation focused as much on technologies (deacidification of cranberry juice by electrodialysis with bipolar membrane, separation of peptides from whey hydrolyzate by electrodialysis with filtration membranes, delipidation of whey by coupling of electromembrane processes, new filtration membranes, etc.) as new products (deacidified cranberry juice improving the composition and functions of the microbiota, deodorized herring milt hydrolyzate, caseins and caseinates with improved functional properties, bioactive whey peptide fraction, etc.).

Thanks to the partners of the Chair (Lactalis Canada, Fruit d'Or, Ocean NutraSciences, Eurodia / Ameridia and Amer-Sil, the Bourgeois fund) as well as the granting organizations (CRIBIQ, CRSNG) to have believed in this project.

Voir la vidéo de présentation du projet lors du Gala (1:14:56)